About DavJasFran Entertainment

  1. About The Company
    About The Company
    DavJasFran Entertainment, LLC is a Chicago, IL based company that specializes in helping new talent through plays and festivals. It is a company that allows new talent with little experience to blossom on stage in front of a live audience. It will provide actors a chance to build their resume in live productions. Are you a Playwright? Do not worry Playwrights are given the opportunity to get their work produced and put on in front of a live audience as well.
  2. Meet The Owner
    Meet The Owner
    Davette J. Franklin, has always loved being on stage, she started singing with her sisters when she was only 3 years old. As an Actor she noticed it was hard to get work for certain projects without having a lengthy resume, so she thought, "how will I get work to gain more experience and build my resume"? This is where she got the inspiration to start a company that focuses on helping Actors and Playwrights build their resumes, all while discovering new talent.